Answers to your Questions

How can I get started?

You just need to go to the Design Quote page, and fill out all your design requirements.

What Types Of Payments Do You Accept?

We accept all electronic forms of payment through Paypal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard & American Express.

Do You Include Any Stock Photo?

Yes, we do! We offer stock photos in some designs. View the “what’s included section” on each design in the product page to see if available.

Who Owns The Copyright For The Project You Design For Me?

Copyright is yours, after receiving the final payment. However, reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes.

What Happens After I Submit The Details For A Project That Is Not Available On The Design Quote Page?

We will contact you to review the project and contact you for further details of how to proceed.

What Will Happen After I Order My Design

After you send your order, we will contact you to review the design project and start working on it ASAP.

How Long It Takes To Send Me The First Draft Of The Design?

The typical project deadline is 3-5 days, but we offer 24 hour delivery guarantee in most designs.

How Will I Receive My Design Project When It Is Finished?

After we have received the final payment of the project, we will email or attach a dropbox link with your design(s) and we are done! Easy and efficient!

Can I Order Any Other Design Even If Is Not On The Design Quote Page?

If you are looking for a quote on a particular design that is not listed you can let us know here.

Any unanswered questions? Please Contact Us